How do a file a bug report for the Eventide H9?

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      I’ve just discovered a bug that affects all three of my H9’s and I would like to file it formaly. I didn’t find any such specific formulary to fill it at Eventide’s website.

      It’s a simple bug: In the Rotary algorithm, if you map the expression pedal to the Rot/Hrn Mix using the H9 Control (this same parameter is named “Balance” in the H9’s display) the parameter won’t change at all in the H9 pedal as you rock the expression pedal back and forth, though it will change in the H9 Control software. I’ve also tried to map this Balane/Rot-Hrn Mix directly in the pedal, without using the H9 Control software and the problem remains. All other parameters mappings appear to work correctly for Rotary algo.

      Thanks for any directions on how to  properly file the bug above and apologies about my bad english.

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      Thanks.  We've asked some one to look at it and see if they can reproduce the problem.

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