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      According to the VSIG help file the Distortion Module (in the Filters group) uses curve fitting.  There are two curve parameters that each take a value from 0-15.  I can't find an explanation anywhere of how the curve fitting works or what varying these parameters is meant to accomplish.  Can somebody please explain this to me?

      Also, in general, is there any more detailed reference on the function of the modules than what is found in the VSIG help file?

      TIA – Tom

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      I've been playing with the distortion module a little bit more.  It looks like the curve parameter (both curve1 and curve2) only take a value 0-9 instead of the 0-18 that is documented.  Each of the ten curves has an audibly different distortion effect but I still don't know what they are actually doing.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Tomo,

      It looks like the documentation may be a bit incorrect.  Each curve parameter allows you to select a characteristic curve from a set of 10 possible choices (it says 19, but that is wrong).  The curve you select is the sound of the distortion, so select the one that sounds best on your source.  If you select a second curve, you can fade between the two of them via the mod input if you turn on the morphon control.  You can drive this mod input with the output of a peak module to simulate the loading effects of guitar amps, or by an lfo or something else for more innovative effects.

      I hope that clarifies the module.



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      Thanks very much for the informative response.  I've been reading (thank you Internet!) about how different kinds of amplifiers (tubes, FETs, etc) and different circuit topologies behave when they clip, and I was curious how you modelled this with the distortion module curves.  I've also been trying to add integral harmonics in different ratios to alter the waveform as well.  I'm trying to end up with a more of a triangle waveform than the square wave you get with classic clipping.



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      This sounds similar to the distortion curves in the Eclipse – a look at the Eclipse manual may shed some light.

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      Thanks for the suggestion!  I looked through the linked document, but didn't see any discussion of how distortion curves work.

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