how do i authorize anthology II to run in demo mode?

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      i'm seriously thinking about dropping $1000 to buy the anthology bundle, but i'd like to demo it first. i downloaded it already, but i dont get the standard "demo auth" page when i start pro tools. on the page that pops up when i start protools, it reads:

      "anthology II: activation is required to use this software.

      if you have internet access on this computer, you can activate or purchase instantly. to use this feature, please connect to the internet now. after you establish a connection, select 'internet activation' and press 'next' to continue the process.

      'manual activation' is not available. if your system is not able to connect to the internet, you may still obtain a demo authorization via please see for more information"

      if i try "internet authorization", it gets stuck on the "connecting to server" and never authorizes. if i authorize manually, i get a challenge but don't have a response. i have diligently searched for more information, checking the product and support pages for anthology II, using your search function, and digging through both the support pages, forum posts and knowledge base, but i haven't found any information on how to do this. what am i missing?

      appologies if this is a stupid question with an obvious answer.

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      Hi Karsten,

      Not a stupid question but you failed to mention if you actually applied to receive the Anthology II demo. Please visit the Anthology II product page and on the right you will see "request demo". There you will find the prompt to apply for the demo and you will receive it almost immediately. If you have already installed the bundle you should now be able to use it without any further issue. However if you do have a problem, I would suggest first trashing all of the Eventide plugs by discarding them from the Digidesign Plug-in folder. Then perform a fresh installation. Feel free to contact with any further questions or issues. Enjoy!

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      ok, great, now pro tools runs and the plugins authenticate… but they don't show up in the inserts menu! any idea why?

      mac pro, new
      osx 10.5.6
      pro tools m-powered… oh! these are tdm only aren't they! sh!+.

      i get my tdm system in a month and a half. ummmm, can i have my demo unauthorized, then re-authorized in a couple months? 😉

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      Hi Karsten,

      It is not possible to unauthorize an license once it has been already. You should be able to apply for another demo license when you have your TDM system set up. If you are unable to receive the demo license please contact and provide your information and we'll help any way that we can.


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