How do I connect my H9 via USB?!

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      No, I'm not a complete moron.

      I've plugged in my H9 via mini USB to my laptop and the H9 Control program will not recognise that it is there – is there a certain button-press on the pedal itself to do? It says that it 'will automatically find the pedal', but it definitely isn't doing that…

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      H9 Control should just find the H9.  What kind of operating system do you have running on your laptop?  There is a known problem with Windows 7 in some cases not recognizing devices as MIDI devices even though they use the generic MIDI class driver.  That's the most common problem that comes up but not the only possible one.  Please send an email to with the serial number of your H9, a description of the OS running on your laptop, and the description of the problem you posted to the forum.

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      I'm using a Macbook Pro, sorry I didn't state this! I'll send the email to that address with all the relevant info tomorrow as it's pretty late here now I've seen this reply. 

      Thank you for the help and hopefully it can easily be solved!

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      Just make sure that H9 is not connected to other IOS Device with bluetooth before you use USB.

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