How do I tell which preset is being used on iPad?

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      I have TWO H9 pedals. So, lets say on H9 pedal number ONE I have a chorus and on H9 pedal number TWO I have a delay.

      Now I want to edit the delay on pedal number TWO. But I can't because theres no way to see what preset you're currently on with the iPads H9 control software. 

      I have looked and looked and the only way I know what preset I'm on is to look at the pedal itself but NOT the iPad. But if I look at the pedal and it says "chorus" I would STILL have to find the "chorus" algorithm thats being used to do my editing but that would usually wind up having me hit the wrong one.

      I want to be able to go into the iPad and it show me current algorithm  I'm using on whichever pedal (one or two) and the do my editing.

      Does this make sense? It should be straight forward. I should be able to see and change whatever algorithm I'm on.

      Thanks for any help.

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      never mind… I figured it out


      sheesh…its been one of those weeks.

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