HOW GOOD is the buffering in Active mode on the 3 ‘Tide Stomps?

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      Hello All,

      Using all 3 'Tides (the Factor line up) on my board-to-be, how good is the active buffering in the sense of as true as true can be in gain/sonic/source tone parity???  Can a Factor stomp be regarded as a perfectly excellent line-boost unto itself(?) or should one consider separate and independent signal/line boosts throughout a board's signal path even when using Factors?

      I'm asking this because a lot of supporting documentation with the Factors states that their DSP Bypass (from what I'm gathering, an actively buffered bypass) is better than the relay/hard/true bypass.  I'm cool with this, and I'm "imagining" that the quality level of this buffered DSP option is probably studio quality and at near parity – these are Eventides we're talking about – so in having these in the signal chain, would I also need to rely on a CAE boost or the like?  I could I reply on the power and cleanliness of 3 Factors to do the job and pump that signal down the line with the highs intact and the blanket off my cabinet?

      Thanks for any thoughts.


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      Is this a stupid question or am I seeing this as a moot point?


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      Of course the answer you seek is more of an opinion per say than fact, but personally, the Eventide DSP bypass buffers very well, and sounds quite similar if not the same as a guitar output straight into the amp, if that makes sense. But hey, I don't claim to have the greatest tone snob ears at all. Best to try it out yourself, and see if you can tell any differences you like/dislike…

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      I have a Metro Marshall 1968 SLP (plexi replica) which I had modded with
      a master volume and an FX loop. When I had the guy do the FX mod I told
      him that I wanted it set up for my (vintage) Eventide H910. I ended up
      selling the 910 and hadn't much use for the Fx loop since I was using a
      Line6 and MXR flanger, (both of which sounded better going into the
      front end of the amp). I here to say that not only does the Pitchfactor
      sound amazing but it lines up perfectly with my FX loop and the amp is
      actually quieter with it in there as well. That being said, I also have
      been using some buffered looper pedals which helped a lot regarding the
      levels, presence, etc; however, since I set up the Pitchfactor (with
      it's buffering) in the FX loop I no longer need the buffered pedal. This
      stomp is really and truly amazing. Amazing. This little stomp is
      absolutely a keeper. Thanks Eventide!

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