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      Hi all,

      as H9 does not support multiple MIDI clients on Windows 10 I cannot use it for automation in my DAW. Cubase 9 pro here.

      So I cannot open H9 Control and Cubase at the same time. That would be the smartest option. 

      BTW: Windows not supporting multiple MIDI clients is a myth. My Cakewalk UMG3 midi interface for example does this without issues since Windows 7.

      That would be probably the solution. But H9 Control does not like my UMG3 crying and crashes if I try to connect my H9 with this.

      So I thought about this scenario.

      Ok, I can build a control interface myself on Lemur, TouchOSC or Cubase MIDI device editor.  That’s pretty easy.

      But then I don’t know how to request the actual data and settings of my two H9s.

      That means that I destroy the initial settings of my presets in the H9s if I only try to change any value with my controller.

      I need the actual or initial values for my control interface to use it properly in my daw.

      H9 Control can actually do this:

      1. Get all initial values.

      2. Change the values.

      3. Get the changed values 

      That means: There IS a solution.

      Well, I tried to get the values via a MIDI monitor and recognized some SX data which would be a pita to decipher.

      Would it be possible to get any information on those sysex request commands and their answers?

      I don’t wanna change anything with sysex commands.

      I change the parameters via MIDI CC, which are complete for me and easier to set up on my controllers.

      Best regards


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      Eventide Staff

      As far as I know, there is a new Windows MIDI API that came in for late Windows 8.1, but will not work on Windows 7. Please let me know if I am wrong (with actual facts).

      We have to support Windows 7, since this is still used by many people, and do not have the resources to maintain multiple versions of our apps (having to do both Windows and Mac is often difficult enough).


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      Eventide Staff

      We have to support Windows 7 first – thanks for the info Zdnet.


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      Ok, that is fair enough. But wouldn’t it be downward compatible managed by the OS itself?

      But if not then to do reasonable automation I need the request commands and I am asking very humble for it.

      I would need the sysex commands requesting the actual algorithm, input and output value, the state of the ten parameters and the power knob. I could use them as starting point for my Lemur controller.

      I am shure a lot of owners of the H9s could benefit from this information.

      BTW: I would, if you allow that,  upload my interface for Lemur on their user library. 

      Best regards



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      Oh, I forgot to write, that the UMG3 midi interface by cakewalk already worked for multiple clients on Windows 7. But they delivered a proprietary  driver and did not rely on the standard multi media api of windows. But it worked with no issues without the fact that H9  control does not like it. I changed the OS from 7 to 10 after I got the two H9s. But under the given assumption that you work on the MM api it makes sense. 

      But anyway I like your stuff.

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        mwe wrote:

        This might help.

        Damned,damned, damned (Quotation of one of my favourites)

        Everything went fine. I started to build a little lexer splitted the lines, printed them in a Lemur monitor until I reached Preset “Spicy” (8) and Lemur was embarrassed.

        Case is: Lemur does not like sysex buffers larger than 255bytes. A lot of the presets are less but not all. They crash and made my soldering, screwing and sweating of a whole day useless. 

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      Well that looks promising. Thanxalot. 

      If that is the info the unit sends on SYSEXC_TJ_PRESETS_WANT, then I am in the game.

      I will try that asap.

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      Hi There,


      I’m trying myself to setup a lemur layout to control the H9, I’m as well having issue to get the settings from the H9 for each preset. The work around is really heavy as I have to setup each knobs value by hand – – Any luck in sending those data from the H9? Maybe Lemur is not the midi controller to use for that? any help/suggestion, welcome!




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