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      I am trying to set up the H90 on my pedalboard.  I’d like to load a Program on the H90 and also have it send a MIDI Program Change message to a synth.

      All I see in the manual is in the Global Settings MIDI section:

      Transmit: H90 will transmit Program Change, CC, and MIDI Clock information from the DIN MIDI output. MIDI will not be passed thru from the DIN MIDI input.

      How does this work in practice?  Does the PC come from the Program number in the playlist?  Does it start with 0 or 1? What happens if I switch the playlist?  Is there a way to change which PC is sent with which H90 program?


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      1. PC number = Program number in Playlist.
      2. System Setting – Switchable offset now in newer revisions.
      3. Still new Playlist Program number -> PC number.
      4. 1:1.  No internal remapping of PC numbers in the H90.
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      Thank you.

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