How to assign A and B on off to exp 1 and 2?

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      Hi seems like you cannot assign A and B on / off to exp 1 and 2.   I find it painful that to turn on/off A or B you have to press to little LED button hove the foot switch.   This is mental.

      i have an external two switch pedal (Xsonic Airstep) and want to assign a foot switch to A on/off and another to B on/off.

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>Can this be one?    In the global settings for A and B you can only select switches 1-6, not exp 1 or 2.</span>

      Major problem.

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      Or should I use the midi from the Airstep and use aux switch 1 and 2?   And send cc midi?

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      I would suggest trying out Perform Mode. This allows you to customize the onboard footswitches for whatever use you like, included bypassing the individual presets:

      You can also use an external controller for this. Determine whether you’d like to use an aux switch or MIDI CC, and setup some global mappings. This is done most easily using H90 Control (see Global Control towards the bottom of the page):

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