How to assign an ext switch on the H90 to “perform” & ‘select’ button

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      Hi Gentz,

      New here and been trying to assign  a two button switch from Mission Engineering (TRS into Ctrl 2).

      I would like to assign 1 button to the Big Perform knob and 1 button to the Big Select knob….dont want to step with my foot on the H90 Perform & Select knobs when I would like to do tap tempo and or switch on/off the A -B FX…..and then press Select again to later move to another preset….and so on….Been trying to find it in the manual and the H90 app control….no luck yet …anybody ?

      Thanks a lot !


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      Go to the System mode on the pedal, choose Global, and scroll to the end of the parameters for the Pedal Control section. Assignments made here will work in every program.

      Manual page:

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      ah great , thanks a lot !!

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