How to change the timefactor’s bank and the two preset by PEC-2?

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      I know i can do it through midi…

      but i really have no idea for the setting of it….

      what should i set on the timefactor and the Providence PEC-2?

      For example: I need to change the preset from bank 1:1 to bank 3:2 when i change my PEC-2 program….

      Thanks a lot!!

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      I don't know that midi controller, but the program change number for the factors is as follows..

      1 – 1:1

      2 – 1:2

      3 – 2:1

      4 – 2:2

      5 – 3:1

      6 – 3:2

      7 – 4:1


      so to set preset 1:1 you need to send Program Change #1 on the midi Chanel that the TimeFactor is on…. To get preset 3:2 you need to send PC #6

      Hope that helps

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      Yes! It's really helpful because i really don't know anything about midiTongue Tied

      How about if i want to set it to bypass? (For Example. Some of my patches no need to have delay)


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      Glad that was of use.

      Right, for bypass you need to assign a CC number to ByPass in the MIDI menu of the TimeFactor and then use your controller to send the MIDI CC number you choose. Say you set it to erm 21..

      set the controller to send cc 21 on the midi channel of the TimeFactor.

      Some controllers can't sent MIDI CC.

      Some controllers call MIDI CC switches IA or Instant Access switches.

      If it asks you for a CC value between 0 and 127 then set the "on" to 127 and the "Off" to 0. 

      So basically you are saying when I press this switch send a value of 127 for MIDI CC 21 on the MIDI channel for the Time factor and this will " engage" the effect, when you press the switch again to turn it off…. It sends MIDI CC 21 with a value of "0" which would bypass the effect.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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