How to connect 2 factor pedals in an effects loop?

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      Ive got theings scrwed up…can someone tell my how to connect my TF and PF properly through the fx loop of my Mesa DR? The way I have it now, the fx button on the mesa footswitch isnt doing anything at all.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hello, you may have to adjust the FX send and return levels on the back of the amp…

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      Thanks, but that doesn't seem to solve it. Is there a schematic anywhere for connecting 2 factor stomp boxes in an fx loop? The manuals didn't seem to have one, which seems to be an oversight, as I'm sure many owners own more than 1.

      What I've done is connected the send on the amp to one pedal. The return to the other pedal, and then a cable between an Input and output . So 3 cables altogether.

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      I'm using 3 factors into my Nomad 55, which I've had modded for a serial loop. Nomad Send->PF Input. PF Output->MF Input. MF Output->TF Input. TF Output->Nomad Return. All the Factors are set to Line. Works great.

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