How to eliminate the Mixing Link’s switching “Click” noise?

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      Hi please help me. I'm incorporating the use of the wonderful Eventide Mixing Link on my pedalboard and the connections and levels are all functioning wonderfully but i'm experiencing an audible  "Click" noise each time i press the Stomp Switch to engage the FX Loop.

      My cable connections are;

      GTR (Godin Multiac Steel Duet) —-> INST IN (Mixing Link)

      TO AMP (Mixing Link) —> Boss CS3 (Sustainer Compressor)

      TO FX (Mixing Link)

      > TC Helicon VL3 Guitar Input

      TC Helicon VL3 Guitar Output

      FROM FX (Mixing Link)

      Mixing Link Gain Button (Hi)
      Mixing Link Input Gain knob (set at minimum 7 o clock)
      Mixing Link Mix Toggle at FX Only
      Mixing Link Mix Knob at Max (5 o clock)
      Mixing Link Phones and Amp Level at 12 o clock

      I've tried it with DC supply from an Power Factor 2 as well as a 9v Batt and also with Grnd Lift switch on or off.

      Is there possibly something wrong with the pedal's relay switching or the stomp switch itself or?

      I really like the use of this pedal but would very much like to get your prompt help to resolve the Switching noise problem. Thanks for your kind attention.



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      Hi R,

      Sorry you're having this issue with MXLNK,
      Please email customer support

      We will get right on it.

      joe waltz

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      Hallo , I recently bought the mixing link and I'm experiencing the same problem, which became a huge problem when amplified on a massive PA.

      Did you find out what is the problem? Cheers, 

      Fulvio Sigurta

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      Hi Fulvio, We have found some MXLNKs can have this click issue under crtain circumstances.

      Can you contact Eventide customer support, so we can address this for you.

      thanks, joewaltz

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      I very pleased to share the news that i received from Eventide earlier today the replacement Mixing Link pedal and the previous reported Click/Pop Switching noise that i reported here is now resolved! I'm a much happier user of this wonderful pedal.

      Thanks to the wonderful folks of Eventid! 🙂

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