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      Is there a way I can lock settings from changing while playing live? I keep accidentally changing them while pressing other pedals.

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      The way to do this is to use CatchUp mode….

      This is from the Space Manual…


      You would expect that when you turn a Parameter Control Knob, the parameter’s value would change instantly and, unless Catchup is enabled, it does. Instant changes, however, may not be desirable for all situations and users. Consider the following example:

      You have just loaded a preset based on Room and the preset’s value for the Decay is set to 1 second. Now, let’s say that the Decay Knob happens to be at its full clockwise position corresponding to a Decay of 3 sec. If you’d like to tweak the Decay (for example, up from its current value of 1 sec to 1.5 sec), you would reach down and turn the knob only to find that the Decay at first abruptly jumps to its maximum of 3 sec. If this happens while you’re playing, it might be a tad distracting.

      ’s Catchup feature is designed to prevent parameter values from abruptly changing when the knob positions don’t correspond to the Preset values. When Catchup is ON and a Control Knob is turned, the parameter value doesn’t change instantly. Instead, the display alternates between the Preset value and the word “TURN” (displayed accompanied by either a left or right pointing arrows as appropriate). The parameter (and hence the Preset) does not change until the knob position passes the current parameter value at which point TURN and the arrow disappear, the parameter name and value are displayed, and the knob becomes active.

      Returning to our example, if Catchup is selected, the Decay will not change until the Control Knob is turned from its full clockwise position to the position corresponding to the Preset’s stored value of 1 sec. At that point, the Control Knob becomes “live” allowing you to slightly increase the Decay time without an abrupt change in the sound of the Preset.

      KNOB MODE factory default is [NORMAL]. To select Catchup:

      1) Press and hold the Encoder and Right Footswitch simultaneously for a few

      ??????seconds to enter System Mode. Release the Encoder.

      2) Turn the Encoder until [UTILITY] is displayed.

      3) Momentarily press the Encoder.

      4) Turn the Encoder until [KNOB MODE] is displayed.

      5) Momentarily press the Encoder.

      6) Turn the Encoder to select [CATCHUP].

      7) Press and hold the Encoder and Right Footswitch simultaneously for a few

      seconds to exit System Mode.

      Note: You can completely disable the action of the Control Knobs by selecting [LOCKED]

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