How to send H9 MIDI to Strymon El Capistan v2

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      Hello, I am receiving MIDI clock in my H9 from another pedal. I want to output the BPM to a Strymon El Capistan v2, but it is not working. These are my settings:

      MIDI Clock

      • Enable MIDI Input Clock: Yes
      • Enable MIDI Clock Filter: No
      • Enable MIDI Output Clock: Yes

      MIDI Output Mode

      • Thru

      I also tried MIDI Output Mode Thru + MIDI Clock

      For some reason, this is not working. How can the H9 be configured to send MIDI Clock to the El Capistan v2?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi drcrowell,

      [CLK.OUT] should be set to NO, otherwise you’ll be transmitting H9’s clock, not the clock at the MIDI input. Output mode should be set to THRU.

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      I tried setting [CLK.OUT] to NO and the Output Mode to THRU. Unfortunately, that did not work.

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