How to send MIDI CC from H9 Exp Pedal to Space?

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      Hey guys,

      the backbone of my pedalboard is a GigRig G2, which sends out MIDI PC messages to change presets on some pedals – amongst others, an H9 and a Space. I'm enough of a MIDI noob that I have to ask this question here, since I've tried unsuccessfully to solve it by myself by reading the official manuals.

      I have an expression pedal hooked up to the H9, which works great, just like it should. Can I set the expression pedal – that's changing parameters on the H9 – to also change parameter(s) on the Space, which is connected to the H9 by Midi? (MIDI out from the H9 to MIDI In on the Space; currently it changes the presets through the PC messages originally sent by the GigRig G2, so that works already). If I've understood the manuals correctly, I'd need to configure the XMT CC on the H9, and the RCV CTL on the Space? Or have I misunderstood something, is this not possible?

      Seems like I select some parameter(s) on the H9 which are changed by rocking the expression pedal, and then select some parameter(s) on the Space that I want to change simultaneously. But I don't simply understand for example what options there are, what MIDI BEND means, what C15 means, and so on… Let's say that I want to change 1 parameter on both the H9 and Space through the expression pedal. A digital delay feedback amount on the H9, and the decay of a Hall reverb on the Space. Can someone possibly assist me how to do this, in terms that I could understand?

      Thanks Eventide for creating excellent products that are of great sonic inspiration to me!

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      When you say that you have an expression pedal hooked up to the H9, is it a MIDI or an analog expression pedal?  If it's analog the H9 won't convert that to MIDI for you, but you can use a cable splitter to connect the same expression pedal to Space…

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      Hey gkellum,

      thanks for your answer. My expression pedal is analog (Ernie Ball VP Jr. EB6181). So I guess a y splitter is a good option, like you suggest. In no disrespect towards either Eventide or the H9 whatsoever, from a user point-of-view I do find it strange that the MIDI CC isn't transmitted from the H9 to the Space; since the expression pedal is analog, its movement is of course transformed into changing parameters on the H9 – in other words, it's digital information. I can't get it in my head why this couldn't be transmitted via MIDI… But no prob. Once again, thanks for your suggested solution, appreciate it!

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