How to set up h9’s to work with midi controller

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      Is there a video or a detailed manual that can help me map pc messages to bring up random h9 presets through my midi controller?

      This mfc has a preset navigation mode (up and down 24 banks) + effects mode (4 stomps per preset).

      I tried following the user manual’s short section on how to program manually or in learn mode but to no avail.

      Yes, I have set the global parameters to accept midi.

      So far when I hit switch 1 and switch 2 on the mfc, it does go up and down presets (like a simple midi mouse, or other 2 button mfcs) but pressing those buttons should not activate presets, rather it should toggle thru banks of 4 h9 presets.

      And when i hit switch 1, the h9 screen reads “500 ms”.


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