How to set values for midi cc’s transmitted from H9?

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      Hi all. I have an aux footswitch connected to my H9. I hoped to use it to add 3 new footswitches to control my Line 6 HX Effects via midi cc’s.

      The HX needs to receive specific cc values as well as numbers. For example, it needs cc69 to switch snapshots, with values between 000 and 003 to select WHICH snapshot. Turning effects blocks on and off also requires specific values.

      I AM able to switch effects on and off on the HX (using the H9 aux footswitches), but they are only working as momentary switches-the effects blocks turn on, but turn off when I release the aux buttons. The manual states: Incoming CC values 0-63 turn the block off; values 64-127 turn the block on.

      I can’t find any info in the manual (or online, so far) on how to specify the cc values transmitted by the H9 (I have no problem assigning the cc NUMBERS). Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

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      This is not possible. It’s preferable to control snapshots using a MIDI controller instead of an H9.

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