How to use H9 Midi to change channel on Amp

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      Hi there.

      I recently bought the H9 Harmonizer and would like to know how I can use midi (connected to my amp-Marshall JVM 410C) to program the amp channel to my H9 preset, so as I cycle my H9 presets the amp channel changes accordingly. I am told I do this but so far no luck.


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      I I believe Page 46 in the manual talks  about this.

      The H9 can send PC messages using the [XMT.MAP] – Create a MIDI Program Change Transmit Map so as long as your amp either has a learn function or midi map function for PC messages rec'd  this should be possible.

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      Hey there,  I did turn on some of the midi functions in H9 and got it to work for me. Thanks for the tip. Works good.

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