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      I think the manual could be updated a bit to make things clearer.

      The pedal uses a mix of CC and PC messages and some seem to overlap.  

      With PC messages you can control Activate, bypass, and toggle active/bypass as well as increment, decrement preset.

      With CC messages you can control increment, decrement, increment and decrement without loading, activate, vbypass, toggle active/bypass and “left foot switch”.

      The manual incorrectly states that C22-C29 are assigned to pedal parameters (it should read up to C31).

      In addition there are a number of default PC assignments that are not documented in the manual.

      This can lead to lots of conflicts and it wasnt until I went into the control app that I could ascertain this.


      1. When CC messages are used to control binary functions What value and in what order is the pedal expecting?  

        i.e. if I map PR+ to CC40 do I just send a 127?  Do any other values do anything?

      2. Is this diferent for a toggle function such as performance switch?  

        Do I have to toggel the value between 0 and 127, or does, say a 127, toggle on the pedal?

        EG I have assigned CC43 to PSW.  When I toggle 127 and 0 some PSW seem to toggle.  But some, like HOT+ seem to stay on…..

      3. What is the diff between “Activate” and ” Left foot switch aka Active Footswitch”?



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      I too would love more Midi documentation! I am sometimes running into stuff that isn’t mapped.. but is doing things randomly!


      That said- some answers:


      2. The performance switch expects 2 values.. I use a 127 when you press and a 0 when you release the switch. 

      On arturia devices this is known as “GATE” mode.. on Disaster area devices as “MOMENTARY” mode. “Toggle” modes or single-value messages will work fine for SOME algos, but not others. 


      1. I use this ‘Momentary’ setup for all my non-rotary CC controls…I havent run into any trouble, although I cannot say with 100% confidence it is true in all cases. .. or that a “One-Shot” CC message of 127 wouldn’t ALSO work. Except for the Performance Switch- that is 100% as written above.

      Wait- I use a 1-shot mode on Increment and Decrement. Just a single 127. So that can work for those.. and probably other stuff too.


      3. I dont know. If I had to guess- ‘Activate” would activate regardless of the preset’s state….and the other would toggle? But I haven’t checked and I don’t know.

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