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      The idea is to toggle the mix setting between 11 and 35 values. It works ok at the moment I record the setting. But when I change to other presets, and even come back to the original preset used when programming that switch won't do nothing.That base preset is mixed at 11, as I understand toogled values will always start at the min value.

      Note: if I move manually the mix knob, the aux switch stars to work, but that evidenlty is not the idea of this assignment…

      What am I missing?

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      Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, but did you save the preset before loading another one ?

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      As long as I understand, this is not about saving presets, but assigning aux switches, wich is beyond presets…?

      As I understand the manual, I should have my mix value toggle between 11 and 35 no matter what preset I'm sitting in…

      The thing is, the presets are saved ok, the aux switch settting is also saved ok. But it will work only if I move my mix knob first..


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