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      How do you plug midi up? I tried through the midi ports but I had both of the port hook up but I don’t think it was right?  Then I tried hooking up my foot pedal and it was always off the mark when it came to being calibrated right and I think I calibrated it right on the I/0.  I’m so lost I guess I should just give up!

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      For 5 pin MIDI cables, plug the MIDI out of one device into the MIDI In of the other device.  If you need bi directional communication, then you’ll also need a MIDI cable from the Out of the 2nd device to the In of the 1st device.


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      Eventide Staff

      Please post your question in our stompbox forum with the following information and we can help you better:

      • Which Eventide device are you trying to send MIDI too?
      • What device are you using to send MIDI information?
      • What are you trying to accomplish with this setup? (Load presets/programs, edit parameters, etc)
      • What have you tried so far?


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      The Eventide H90. I am using the Morningstar MC6.  I have tried loading everything I want to control onto my computer and Morningstar and it just seems not to work with anything. I have a Dunlop pedal and I can’t get the pedal to go to 100% it goes to 112% percent .  I need to know how to fix that too sorry 🙁


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      Can someone tell me what the numbers are for all the effects on the Eventide H90???

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