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      I am sorry if this is a basic question but I have fiddled with and tried to find an answer to no avail.

      All i want to do is have a loop going and quickly change the pitch. Say i have a C major line and i want to switch to B major using the Pitchfactor how the heck do it? I am trying to using diatonic mode mix all the way to the right, no delays, A only. Im just confused by the results. If the line is C D E and i have switch to B major i want it to play B C# D# . I am getting weird notes. Why doesnt it switch keys unless i pick an interval outside of unison or octave?…so i am having to pick 2nds at least to get anything and what i get is not just a simple key modulation. Im sorry for rambling i bought this pedal with this in mind and im frustrated. Am i missing something? Relating the scale/key with the interval choice is confusing and i get very strange notes.

      I tried initializing, but not updating yet.
      Is this even a possible function on this device?

      Thanks, please help!

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      Eventide Staff

      Do you mean you have a C major sequence loop and want to shift the notes into B major? The loop being played is not changed, right?

      In this case, you are shiting the entire loop by a halfnote. You shouldn't use the diatonic algorithm. H910/949 or PitchFlex should do the work. Just set Pitch A to -m2 or 0.944.

      If the loop itself changes its key to B major, and you'd like to add more pitches/delays to it, then you should use Diatonic/QuadraVox algorithm and set the KEY parameter to B and SCALE parameter to MAJOR.

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      That did it! Thank you so much!!

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