I need spillover between preset-pairs (at least)

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       Hi there

      I hope you guys can give me spillover when I change  presets, with the next update. Even the boss pedal (giga delay) can keep the delay running when going to another preset. (But the boss sucks your tone)
      I wouldn't mind if the delay type must be the same in the preset-pair.

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       Have you tried turning on SPILL in the latest software?


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      Hi Alan
      thanks for the quick answer. Yes, I have the latest software (2.0.3) and the spillfunction is on. But what's bugging me, I can't have a sound with short delaytimes (for a jazzy Pat Metheny like sound) on one preset, change to the 2nd preset on the bank, there I'll have a long delayed sound with high feedback, when I change to the first sound again, the tail is cut off. Thank you.

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      +1, exactly the same problem for me 🙁

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      ok, i set my pedal bypass to dsp+effects and spill is on, much better, but like you mention it only spills if you bypass doesn't spill if you choose another preset

      really cool to have long repeats and strum a chord then let it spill then bypass while playing over it, good for intros but i see what you mean about this now

      question is if we have spill even between preset pairs how are you going to turn off spill if you want to?

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      Me again.
      Btw, I wouldn't mind having only 1 delay per preset, in preset 1:1 the short delay A and preset 1:2 would be a long delay B. So the 2 processors would be enough.
      Is that an idea?

      thanx mike


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      Is this the last word on effects spill?? I/m on SW version 2.03.2 and it's not performing as I would like, still cutting off tails of long delay with feedback.

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      Isn't there a possibility to assign Spillover to any preset you like (or not)?! So if in Preset 1:1 and 1:2 you want interactive Spillover and Bypass-Spillover you assign this to those Presets. But if you don't want Spillover in 2:1 you can assign No Spillover to this as well.
      Now it is only possible to have Spillover or have it not. But Sometimes i need it, and sometimes i don't.
      And it's true – Spillover should work between Presets as well. Maybe in Banks Mode from the first X:1 Preset to the second x:2, but not between Banks… So you could have Banks wirh Spillover and Banks without?!
      Wouldn't that be great?! (possible?)

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      I am having the same problem, wouldn't it be great if we could assign spillover to presets and then adjust the decay rate of the spill? So its not cutting off our long delays but we could even have it fade out a little quicker than it would on its own or something like that.

      I hope an update for this is released soon.

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       Im still having trouble with spillover between presets as well as bypass trails. I use the pedal in buffer mode and the switching still isnt as clean as other delays I own

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      Hi have the same "problem" with timefactor. Please, Eventide published the "software update function" so publish a new software with delay spillover BETWEEN presets…

      Second thing: someone knows if there is somewere a database of user preset for timefactor?

      thanks again


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      I didn't notice the problem until I was preparing for a live show!!  What a teriible time to find out!

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