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      I am all but ready to order the H7600 but I have one last question. I want to use it both via analog I/O for my guitar rack, and via the XLR digital I/O to connect to my Tascam DM4800 digital mixer (and ultimately ProTools via ADAT digital or SPDIF digital).
      My question is the following: Is the selection of I/O done "globally" and manually for the H7600, or can each preset have its own choice of I/O? The former means that I would ned to manually reassign I/O when switching from guitar rack usage to PT/mixer mode, whereas the latter would elegantly allow me to use a MIDI pedal board or even PT sequencer to switch to presets that have the correct I/O assignements?
      Thanks and hope my question is clear.

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      Hi J

      I/Os are a system (global) setting that can't be assigned to single presets.

      That's a very common thing in stereo processors, whereas multi-channels ones can use SETUPs to reconfigure I/Os and routings, as our H8000FW does.

      Maybe worth considering the flagship? Wink

      all the best

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       Also be aware that the H7600 boasts two
      analog inputs, two analog outputs, two digital inputs, and two digital outputs,
      each of which are always at your disposal. The analog and digital inputs are
      summed before processing, and the output of the processor is always available at
      both the analog and digital outputs.


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      Thanks I,
      Your last post exactly answers my question. The summing does the trick. You just saved me $1,500. Now, this H7600 will be mine!

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