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      hi all , i can't load preset to my timefactor, i try to use factor libe for a long time but never works for me ,i wish if anyone cant help me

      my process is 

      1- i connect my timefactor to my windows PC

      2 -then "open froma midi"

      3 -in that moment, i can see my 15 saved preset, in my pc,them i  edit it, for example, set pressets name …

      4 -then i click on  "save to pedal"

      5 -i see in my timefactor, loading presets and it said "done"

      6 -when i acceded to my presets ,nothing is changed, always are the old presets, not the edited presets

      what is that i'm doing wrong, is there any configuration that i must do in timefactor after load presets

      i'm really desesperate with this, i wish you could help me?

      thank you  so much and sorry my english

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      I just had to select the presets before hitting send Tongue Tied

      i'm i little noob XD

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