i want to take advances for all the routing possibilities! How can i do it?

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      Hello to all!

      i want to take advances for all the routing possibilities!

      and i have some questions about it…

      My setup right now is…from my 2 amps FX LOOP SEND->PitchFactor->TimeFactor->ModFactor->Space->2 amps FX LOOP RETURN.

      I want to put the 4 Eventide stompboxes at my 2 AMP's FX Loop to run them stereo(my amps have serial fx loop!) and ruth them with all the routing possibilities that i can take from the 4 Eventide stompboxes for both experimenting and creating new sounds!

      What do i want is to both keep this signal routing: FX LOOP SEND-> PitchFactor->TimeFactor->ModFactor->Space->FX LOOP RETURN.  (…which i like!)

      different routings like:

      1)FX LOOP SEND->PitchFactor->ModFactor->TimeFactor->Space->FX LOOP RETURN.

      2)FX LOOP SEND->PitchFactor->TimeFactor+Space(TimeFactor and the Space in parallel)->ModFactor->FX LOOP RETURN.

      3)FX LOOP SEND->PitchFactor+ModFactor->(PitchFactor and the ModFactor in parallel)->TimeFactor->Space->FX LOOP RETURN.

      This are some of the routing possibilities that are both serial or parallel!

      So,here comes my questions:

      1)Can i have all this routing possibilities?   …both serial and
      parallel and to have the ability to switch easily from one to an other!

      2)Will do i have nice "combination sounds" or this will be a real mess?   (… as for the 1st example i am sure that it's ok,but as for the parallel combinations i am not sure,since i don't know how to run them in parallel)

      3)Do you know any device which will help me to run them in parallel?

      If you know how to do this happen,please give me informations.

      If you don't know please tell me where i can found help about all this…



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      It sounds like you need some type of switching system. There are lots of options out there for such a thing. A good place to start would be Bob Bradshaw's site. This page gives an introduction-


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      I think this will help you with one of your setups at a time


      don't have personal experience but have my eye on it to try something along those lines 🙂

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      The digital ground control system has a loop switcher and they also made a mixer for guitar. The mixer has 2 sections and can allow you to set it up for multiple source signals like multiple amps. You can then run some offects in series with the signal or put them in parallel. The problem would be it's not dynamic so you can't change the configuration with a simple button push. I like it a lot as it keeps everything pure. Note I don't do a lot of effects stacking or chaining YMMV.

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