Idea for FUTURE timefactor update – Slow Motion Delay!

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      i was writing a song when i had an idea with that weird sound in my mind…:

      what if:

      you played a note and the timefactor repeats it – not in real time, but halftime (with or without pitchdown!). and then their has to be a knob to control the speed of the repeats.

      it would sound kinda like a reverse delay without reverse.

      a slowmotion delay function for the timefactor! yeah!

      if it's going to be a hit – will i get a share?! 😉



      question – i suggested a "negative" ducked delay once – where the repeats get louder with dynamics instead of quieter. silent playing = no delay, loud playing = loud delay. is this still on a list for future update? would be good to know, for i WANT this effect badly!


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      I like the idea of the slow motion delay, sounds interesting.

      although It might be good on a momentary lapse switch, ie when you want to grab that note or chord you keep you foot on the switch and it goes when you release it.

      I guess there could be a danger of it getting quite messy, but I think it is a great idea.



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      Slow motion delay sounds really cool. I think there is a preset that is called copy cat that is a bit interesting as far as repeating what you play… a little similar to what you were suggesting.

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