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      The only thing I hate about my pitch factor is the little gap between switching presets. What I was thinking is that the Axe fx got rid of this problem by using scenes And having all the effects preloaded within a preset.. This got me thinking that if Eventide came out with a software update which would dedicate a little dsp to allow the two  presets within each bank to be preloaded Once the bank was selected Then you could at least switch between those two presets without any gaps. I know this is possible because if you select a preset and then bypass it, it stays preloaded and has no gap when turning it on again. Do you guys think Eventide could make this happen because that is literally the only issue I have with the  factor pedal. I think the effects sound awesome but if there's a very noticeable gap between switching them and it makes you look like an idiot onstage. The guys in my band thought I kept making a mistake during a guitar solo but it was actually the gap from kicking on the harmony on. 

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      I feel you on that! it much more noticeable with the Space pedal. I have heard the switching between presets in the H9 is instantaneous but I think it would require a hardware update to achieve that with the factor pedals

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      Sorry guys – each preset uses pretty much all the dsp resources, so it is not possible to have two of them co-resident. I'm afraid that the loading time is the price you pay for the quality of the effects.

      An Eclipse can do what you ask, but is a lot more expensive (partly because it does many other things as well).

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      Can anyone here confirm that the h9 doesn't have this issue? If not ill sell my factor pedals and buy an h9 and all the algos I need. 

      Also I have heard that the eclipse also suffers from this gap while switching presets as well, can anyone here confirm that as well?

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      In the H9 when you switch from one algorithm to another, there is still some loading time but it's less than what you experience with the the Factor pedals because the H9 is using a faster chip.  We've seen loading times on the H9 ranging from 150 – 333 msecs depending on what algorithm is being loaded and what needs to be done to set up its memory and so on.  If you really want zero latency, the only way you can do that is to double up all the system resources so you can have two algorithms pre-loaded, and although we might at some point make a stompbox with more available system resources, the only way to do this now is to get multiple stompboxes.

      Within an algorithm though there are lots of ways though to switch from one set of values to another without any loading time.  You can assign different parameter values to the expression pedal and glide between the two sets of values, and in the Space algorithms you can use the hot switch functionality to toggle between two preset specific different sets of parameter values.  You can use MIDI to load any number of different sets of parameter values, and you can globally assign different parameter values to the aux switch and toggle between them regardless of what preset is loaded.

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