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      I bought this pedal as soon as it first came out. I have a hard time recommending this pedal to friends of mine because what's the point of having a pedal at all if you can't operate it. This pedal sounds freaken amazing. I love it. But the major issue I'm having is that the pots/ turn knobs really suck. Dust, dirt, and any other debri EASILY falls into this unit via access by the pots and turn knobs. There is like a ditch right under the knobs, and when you twist the knobs, it allows the dirt to work its way further into the unit, screwing everything up. The symtoms of problem are apparent when you turn the knob to change paramaters and settings, and what ends up happening is that the numbers skip, sometimes the knob is completely unresponsive, but the skipping is probably the most annoying. Sometimes i'll be setting the delay and it will go from 23ms to 80s to 250. And while this happens you can feel the grainyness of the dirt underneath, inside the board where the knobs turn. I tried vacuming and that only goes so far. This unit needs to be completely disassembled and thouroughly cleaned to remedy the problem.

      I treat this pedal the same way i treat all of my pedals. All my other pedals work perfectly, never had problems like this. I think it just the way the pots were designed, where have that valley around them that is a perfect spot for the collection of dust. I think someone should have put a raised wall of material going around the pot metal turners and then the plastic cap goes over the pot turners AND that extra wall. So that if dirt gets passed the Knob plastic cover, it will still not be able to climb up over the extra wall, and then descend into the lower part of the pot and work its way into the unit via twisting.

      I can draw a sketch if you can't imagine what I am talking about.

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      That a new one for me. The pots are below the panel, so dirt can't easily get into them.

      If you use your unit in a very grungy environment, presumably grit could build up underneath the knobs as you describe.

      The knobs can be pulled or levered off the shafts which would allow you to clean up if necessary or to allow more room for grit storage.

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      He said "extra room for grit storage"

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