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      Hello World !

      I just wanna share what i do with my pitch and time factor :

      Hope you'll enjoy !

      myspace :

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      That was beyond awesome.

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      Thanks !

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      Nicely done!! Care to share your settings?


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      In addition to Dunkirk Counterpointless and Frisson Frippon, I also listened to



      and my favorite, Le Prince de ce Monde:


      Very cool!  Can you add to the description of each video and include information about where you were playing and what you were using?

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      Hello !

      So for the guitar stuff i use quadravox at some bpm and i use dicital delay from my pitch factor at the same Bpm but with a different rythmic division (Dk counterpointless)

      For frisson frippon , i use quadravox and a compressor and a very short delay from my adrenalinn 3 plus in the middle i use TF tape echo with expression pedal to have thse bobbles sounds

      For the intro, i use reverse pitch from PF which is certainly one of my favorite plus arpeggiator from my adrenalinn 3(and fuzz)

      For le prince de ce monde, i just use a digital and vintage delay from tf near 300 ms, plus a phaser from adrenalinn3, and quicly h900 noisy infinite stuffs

      My sound comes directly from an Amt ss20 which i think is the best thing to buy  if you don't want to carry an amp (i already do it with my bands but i don't have a car so, solo work= one guitar and a bag full of stompboxes and it's great)

      i also have the new digitech stereo looper whiwh just play electronics (i don't have to bring my computer and sometimes i make sample stuffs, even if since i use eventide i feel free to do wall of sounds without risking to make mistakes excepted tempo !)

      Well, i'm french (don't beat, please 😉 and the concert was filmed in my hometown, dunkirk (in the very very north.

      I'll upload some info on you tube, thanks  lot for your watching !

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