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      When I enter the purchase date and strore informations, I only get an invalid serial number

      on the registration page. I really need to update for the latest version of software. What can I do?

      The TF informayions are:

      zZounds Music LLC
      65 Greenwood Avenue
      Midland Park , NJ ,07432

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      Here is some information about registering an Eventide Stompbox or any Eventide product:

      1. If you are purchasing a previously owned product, the "invalid serial number" may be experienced because it is still registered to the previous owner. If you feel that all information you have entered is correct, please email for futher assistance.

      2. When entering the serial number, it must be entered as it appears on its sticker. All letters, all numbers and the line between both letters and numbers must be included to be recognized by our system. For example: TF-12345 – is a complete serial number. Not TF12345 or 12345.

      3. If purchasing a previously owned product, stating your city and state and "private sale" as the location of the store is acceptible.

      4. For further assistance with problems registering an Eventide product, please email with your name and your product's serial number.

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      Someone sold me the TF on Ebay,  and I was trying to register it with the informations of this guy, when he bought the TF online. Wasn' t working of course. So, the guy tried to register it  on his account, and it doesn' t work too,  probably because I have try to get registered first. so  the only way to get the latest software version and to get registered in my account is by unregistering the previous owner.

      After I' ll be able to register my TF by entering The serial number, and "private sale" as the location of the store? Do I have to enter my city and state or the ones of the seller? Is it working ifI state Montreal, Canada, Qc, because that' s where I am.

      Thanks a lot for help!

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