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      Hi all,

      I'm using the Timefactor and Space in the effects loop of an AC30 Custom Classic head.  I'm using a bunch of analog pedals in front of the amp, including a couple of boosters.  I love the sound I'm getting with the boosters, but they cause the inputs of the Timefactor and Space to peak too frequently for my taste.  I've tried setting the loop to -10 and +4 and tried matching and mismatching the input/output levels of the Timefactor and space.

      Anyone else having the same kind of issues?  What are people doing as a solution?  I'm debating whether to put a limiter or something else in the loop before the Timefactor to reduce the levels.

      Or am I too worried about the peaking?  I don't seem to be getting audible clipping.


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      Eventide Staff

      If it sounds good, don't worry. It needs a very high level to clip the unit – levels too low are much more common. The peak indication is somewhat conservative.

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