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      There’s an option to control Input and Output Volume via midi CC in the “Assign midi CC…” menu on H9 Control.

      These does not seem to control neither Input Gain (in pedal settings) nor Out Level (in the programs).

      So where are these two volumes and are they stored with the programs?

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      Hi oortone, these are global input and output volumes. They are not stored on a per preset basis. Using these assignments requires that you have an expression pedal hooked up to a MIDI controller input. That controller must be programmed to send expression CC commands to your H9. In the “Assign MIDI CC” section of your H9, it’s required to assign a CC# to Input Volume and/or Output Volume. The MIDI controller should send those same CC numbers with¬†values of 0 (zero) to 127, off to max volume, across the same MIDI Channel as your H9. I assure you, they work as I have it working in my setup currently. Let me know if you have any questions.

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      OK thanks. Actually the midi CC stuff I fully understand, I’m a midi veteran it’s rather the signal flow of the H9 that was unclear to me.

      So let’s see if I understand correctly the order:

      – First input of the H9 (gain to AD I guess) is the one controlled from the menu “Input Gain and Level Meters” in H9 Control.

      – Second is the Input Volume that can be controlled by midi CC and can be assigned but not stored in a patch.

      – Third there’s the patch and each patch has an output volume that’s stored with the patch but can not be assigned to midi CC.

      – Finally there’s the output volume, midi assignable but not stored with patches.

      Is that correct?

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