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      Hello, i just bought the TimeFactor and it sounds really amazing.

      I was wondering if is it possible to control the processed input signal with the expression pedal. I can get the sound i want using a volume pedal before the Eventide and two cables from the volume pedal: one right to the amp and the other one after de TimeFactor (that is using a  2 chanels amp).

      I'm trying to figure out if i can get the same thing with just 1 chanel, using the Expression pedal and less jacks. The sound i refering to is that i can open the pedal playing a chord and it keeps sounding when i close the expression pedal, so i can play lines over the chord.


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      Have you tried using the Repeat footswitch? It might do what you are asking.

      TimeFactor's Looper could also do a similar task.

      Otherwise, the way you are performing it now is the way to go with TimeFactor.

      FYI, the PitchFactor stompbox can do this with just an expression pedal.

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      Thank you, i'd like to be able to use that feature pretty fast to change chords and play lines over, the footswitch needs to be pressed twice for every chord hold… But the system works great when i use the 2 channel setup.

      thank you!

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