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      bulls hit

      I'd really like to give the UltraChannel plug a go and see how it compares to my UAD plugs.

      While I can download the Ilok Manager, is there any way of installing the plug on a non internet-connected PC?

      My DAW is a stripped down bare bones XP machine with no AV or anything unessential.

      Any advice appreciated

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Bulls,

      If you have an iLok you can download the license on to your iLok from another machine and use the iLok to move the license from one machine to the other.  Note that if you do this, you'll still have to install iLok License Manager on the second machine.

      Alternatively, if you connect to the internet temporarily you can authorize the license, then turn networking back off.  You should also be able to do this from another Windows user as well, if that's easier (though I haven't tried it personally).


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      bulls hit

      Thanks Dan.

      I don't have an iLok as I've only used UAD plugs, so i'm wondering if there's a way to transfer the license across to my DAW without one.

      I've got the iLok installer and the Ultrachannel plug installer on a usb stick which I can load onto the DAW. (I would have tried it already but I'm away from home at the moment).

      I'm wondering if I'll be able to authorise it without an internet connection

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