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      Interested in these new Flanger and Phaser emulations.  I’m wondering, does the H3000 have similar programs to emulate these units?  Thanks in advance.

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      H3000 Factory is more of a Swiss Army knife of a plug-in as it’s capable of many different types of combined effects. There are some presets that cross into the phasing/flanging territory (such as Gristle Dirt Flange) but not many.

      If you’re looking for a bread n’ butter, amazing sounding phaser & flanger that will be easy to dial in the sound you want, Instant Flanger & Instant Phaser are the way to go. Due to the detailed modeling, you won’t be able to dial in the sound of these units from H30o0 Factory. Remember that all of our plug-ins have a 30-day trial period in which they are fully functional.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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