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      Hey Everyone,

      I want to use Ultratap on my iPad as an FX processor for my synthesizer and it’s driving me mad.

      In an ideal world, I would plug my unbalanced mono synth into the unbalanced Input on channel 3 of my RME Babyface Pro. I would then open UltraTap on my iPad and tell it to use Channel 3 as a mono input and use the app as a mono-to-stereo delay.

      However none of that seems to be possible at the moment. First of all UltraTap in standalone mode always defaults to a stereo input. So I always need to use a Y-cable or else my dry signal will only be on one channel. This is pretty baffling to me, as Eventide has a big focus on guitarists o.O

      On top of the Y-Cable I have to use a DI-Box as well, because my audio interface only has balanced inputs on channels 1/2 and it doesn’t seem to be possible to use the unbalanced inputs on channels 3/4 instead.

      Am I missing something? If not, is there any chance the standalone apps could get at least a button to sum a stereo input to mono?

      Yes I know there are workarounds (Audiobus, Garageband, soldering my own cables …) but that’s not what I’m here for 😉 



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      Eventide Staff

      Hey, sorry to hear about the issue.

      Unfortunately, UltraTap in standalone mode defaults to match the attached interface, up to 2 input channels. This is why you are seeing a stereo input with your interface. You'd have to use a Y-cable to feed channels 1/2. At the moment there are no plans to add a sum to mono button.

      While standalone mode is provided, we really recommend using the app as AUv3. That's where it shines, as an insert or send in a larger chain, where the host provides all the routing options you could desire.


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