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      I’ve just thought of this idea. I have a 2018 iPad (just the basic 9.7″ version) and a 2018 Mac Mini. I also have a Lightning to USB-A cable. I’m wondering if, by connecting my iPad to my Mac, installing Eventide plugins on the iPad, then seeing if the DAW (in this case, Digital Performer 10) would be able to see the iPad as an interface (as well as the dedicated MOTU 828ES audio interface I already have). If it does, would this alleviate the processor/RAM in my Mac of some stress? Or, is it simply not worth bothering, because Eventide plugins take up so little processing power? Likewise, would the iPad’s own processor struggle?

      I only came up with this idea, because Eventide sell plugins for iOS. Otherwise, I’ll just sell the iPad and buy another guitar.

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      Hey, it's certainly a cool idea, but as far as I know, this isn't currently possible over Lightning/USB. You could of course route audio out of your Mac's interface to/from the iPad to process (if the iPad also had an interface), but latency will be an issue there. I doubt you'd get noticeable enough performance gains for this to be worth doing.

      I'd just stick to the desktop and buy another axe, or use your iPad to record/jot down ideas while on the go, and then transfer them to your desktop.

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      I suppose I could use the money from the iPad to buy a second 27″ monitor instead.

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      What about an app similar to Emote, only that it allows you to control your Eventide plugins from your iPad? I guess my iPad is headed for eBay then… 🙁

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