Is anyone using an expression pedal?

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      I'm looking for ideas on how to use an expression pedal with Modfactor or Timefactor.

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      Seriously?  I mean…  

      This is the most open ended question considering the parameters that the expression pedal can manipulate.  I would just start with the presets and see how the different value changes affect the sound.  The quick reference guide shows what the expression pedal is changing. 

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       Actually, rather than using the bypass switches to turn effects on and off, I have the expression pedal set to change the mix from zero up (in addition to other settings as well).  Then, I can blend in delays appropriately for the situation.  Lately, I've only been using a couple of presets instead of a bunch where I had created delays with different "intensity".  The other advantage is that it's another "on/off" switch using in this manner.

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      Thanks, ljholland.

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