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      I own all three Factor stompboxes and love the sound and effects of all of them.  As I dig more into programming them though, I find the manuals very poor at detailing all the effects parameters.  I'm not a noob in this area since I've been programming synths and effects for 20+ years (often with a good parameter reference close at hand).  Of course some of the parameters are easy and obvious, but on some of the more obscure effects (like undulator, for example) it's a game of trial & error to figure out how the different parameters affect the sound.

      I was hoping to find some of the same algorithms in the Eclipse documentation since that is more thorough, but had no luck.

      Is there any better documentation available or planned?



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      Thanks for the post, the support and the kind words. We made a decision, very early on, to not include much in the way of describing the effects in the User Guides. We felt that for the majority of users and the majority of effects, ears and fingers would suffice. Plus, we had a limited budget (and number of pages) for printing User Guides. Our intent has been to follow up with an on-line doc but, with our limited resources, we keep falling on the side of doing new stuff as opposed to properly documenting what we've done. Sorry for dodging the question but the only answer I can offer is, yes, we should.  That, and the road to heaven is paved with good intentions.

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