Is it possible to register Ultrareverb on a PC with no internet ?

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      My music computer is not connected to internet.

      I have no Ilok dongle, but i have opened an Ilok account as you request.

      (I never used Ilok before and i wish i never had to do it but i don't want to miss this reverb…)

      So i can register my Ultrareverb with this (connected) computer but then how can i put the plug-in on my music computer which is offline??

      Thanks for your help.

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      The easiest thing to do would be to temporarily connect your music computer to the internet.

      Once connected:

      1. download and isntall the ilok Licence Manager

      2. login to the Licence Manager and activate your license on your music computer

      3. once this is done you will not need to be connected to the internet anymore.

      If you absolutely cannot connect your music computer to the internet, you will need to get a physical iLok dongle ($50).

      1. You'll still need the iLok License Manager on your music computer. Using a flashdrive you can transfer the iLok Manager installer from your connected computer to your music computer. Then install the iLok Manager in the same way you did on your connected computer.

      2. Plug your ilok into your connected computer, login to the iLok License Manager on your connected computer and activate the license onto your iLok.

      3. Plug your iLok into your music computer, and you should be all set to use UltraReverb.

      I'd like to add that this is technically a question for iLok. We use iLok a lot but aren't the definitive iLok authority. I hope this helps.


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      Thank you for this clear answer.

      I've just bought a wifi dongle so as to authorize the plugin.

      But in my opinion the claim in the ad that "you need Ilok manager but no Ilok dongle" is not true, unless your music station has an internet connection, and that should be mentionned to avoid any confusion… Just to say 😉

      Thank you for your help & outstanding products

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      That's true. I'll bring it up with the marketing team.

      Let me know if you run into any other problems.

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