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      I like using 4 cable mode (dual)

      is there a way or will there be a way in the future to also still have inserts in dual mode?



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      Eventide Staff

      There is currently no way to use inserts in dual mode. It is not likely this feature will be added since that will complicate the routing.

      Can you elaborate on your 4CM setup? You can achieve this using insert mode with a single mono insert, and that will let you use another insert. But this setup is a bit more involved than the simple dual mode pre/post setup, and requires you to place the insert in the right place on the H90 to work correctly.

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      My 4CM setup is basic:

      H90 set on Dual Mode

      Guitar into 2 fuzz pedals, Wah , OD and then into input 1 of the H90

      Output 1 of H90 to the input of my Amp

      Amp send to Input 3 of H90

      H90 output 3 to a always on reverb then to the return of my Amp

      I’m fine with being more mindful of set up and routing. Can you explain how achieve using 4CM in insert mode ? .

      How would I be able to send half of a program to the amp send/ return ?




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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for the info.

      Using Insert routing, connecting to an amp in PRE POST is possible using one of the inserts. Connect the guitar to In 1 of the H90. From the Out 3, connect to the front of the amp. From the amp’s effects send, connect to In 3 on H90. From Out 1 of the H90, connect to the amp’s effects return. In this example, the aim is to have one effect in front and another in the loop. The signal goes into the pedal and into the first algorithm. Then, it travels out of the insert send to the front of the amp through its preamp section. After the preamp section, the signal travels back to H90 via the insert return and through the second algorithm. Finally, the pedal’s output gets returned to the amp through the effects return to be heard through the speaker. Because we are using an insert on H90 to route signal to the amp, we can position algorithms anywhere in the signal chain; we can have two effects in front on one Program, two effects in the effects loop, or one in front and one in the back. We can even introduce another outboard effect anywhere in the chain with the second H90 insert. The downside to using the global Insert routing mode is if we bypass the insert providing the connection to the front of the amp, we may lose the signal completely. Similarly, if we employ the second insert and the external effect goes down or gets disconnected, we can also lose the signal. It makes things more challenging to troubleshoot. For this reason, it may be best to use the global Dual routing mode for PRE POST connections.

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      Good afternoon tbskoglund and staff,


      I tried this specific routing (insert mode) with a 4 cable method layout: unfortunately I incurred in a major issue.

      Regardless of the on/off status of the insert 1 block, there is always signal present at Out 1 (and therefore at the amp return…). Amongst the consequences, even a low increment of gain at the input of the chain, like a compressor between guitar and H90, produces a mild saturation in the amp.

      On a related note, how should the insert 1 mix be set with such configuration?


      Could you kindly help?



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      I’ve got mine set up in Dual mode. I use mono send for the amp input, and stereo send from amp back to the H90.


      It’s seems to work great for my needs. Below is an example of a mono pre/post (4CM)

      Guitar input 1

      Output 1 to Amp IN

      Amp SEND to IN 3

      OUTPUT 3 to amp RETURN


      This way I can have one of these options below:

      • One effect pre (like overdrive) and the other post (like reverb)
      • Both efx series in pre
      • Both efx parallel in pre
      • Both efx series post
      • Both efx parallel post
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