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      I was in a poorly lit room and thought I had the pedals that I run in my amp’s fx loop hooked up to the amp’s fx Send when in fact I mistakenly had it hooked up to the amp’s 4ohm speaker output

      When I took the amp out of standby I was greeted with a high-pitched shrieking noise so I immediately put the amp back in standby, checked some things and had the same experience two more times before realizing my error.

      This scenario destroyed my first pedal in line, a Source Audio digital EQ pedal. 2nd in line was my H9 Max. It seems unscathed, currently   working fine, but wanted to make sure you don’t see any possibility of harm.

      Hopefully the EQ pedal’s analog input buffer took the hit and didn’t let anything potentially damaging go further down the signal chain?

      Safe to suspend any worries given that the H9 is working fine after said incident?

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      It would appear that your EQ took the sacrificial hit and your H9 is going to be OK. The only thing that may concern me as an electronics tech is one aspect with semiconductors is they are able to take a bit of a over voltage or current hit and only degrade their functionality or lifespan. The source audio is probably not “true bypass” (using buffers) so the current from the speaker output did not jump over to the H9. Knowing Eventide the components are high quality and the input probably has some sacrificial diode which would fry quickly so the fact that your H9 is functioning properly and there’s no input audio degradation I would give it a 99% good diagnosis.

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