Is the H9 Resonator still for free?

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      Just got my H9. I thought the Resonator Algorithm was free. But I also read somewhere it was only free till 31st December 2013? is there any way to still get it for free?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry but you cannot get it for free.

      It's been our policy to let current H9 owners download each newly released algorithm for free for 30 days from the release date.

      We're currently getting a new algorithm, H9 Looper, ready for release so you'll soon be able to get Looper for free. 

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      Algorithms are free for a while when they first come out. Resonator was released in November of 2013 and was free through the end of 2013. There's no way to get that free now, but the next algorithm to come out is going to be Looper and that will be free for a time as well.

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      ok, thanks. That's what I thought but I was not sure. Still have my coupon for one free algorithm so I might use that for the resonator. Very curious about the H9 looper algorithm and how that is going to work when you only have two button to push on the pedal itself.

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      Check the latest version of H9 control on your mac or pc. It has the helpfile for the upcoming looper algo already and explains everything.

      I have a feeling it's going to be effin good TM <3

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      ok, thanks. Will do that. Just purchased the Resonator (couldn't resist! Smile). Absolutely loving it!!!!

      What happened to the preset 20 sound "Bright Future" that is in the Eventide Resonator video? P20 is called "Thor's Bells". Is "Bright Future" still available or is it renamed?

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