Is the H9s input gain pre set too high?

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      Using the H9 with a Jubilee 2555 head. I have the input gain on the pedal set to zero and it still clips. Any pointers? 

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      Eventide Staff

      You've done all you can on the H9 – the problem is that you are feeding it a very high input. Your only options now are to reduce the input signal level, either by adjusting it at the source, or using a pad of some kind. A pad can be essentially two resistors.


      The problem is that the H9 is designed for a guitar input, not a hot line level. In hindsight, we should have added the line level switch that the 'Factors have. But, there were probably reasons why we didn't.


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      Do you think ebtech’s line level shifter would do the trick? If I DONT go back to the effects return of the head line level, would there be a significant drop in volume? 

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      I have my H9 in the FX LOOP of a HD500X and I have noticed that I need to reduce the FX send by 13db to tame this beast. I don’t know how that relates to Eventide’s anser above but my experience has been that this pedal does have an excessive amount of gain.

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