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      I was wondering if someone could kindly help me.

      I play an acoustic guitar that i amplify using a PG81 mic (self powered condensor).

      Also i would like to have it run through my reverb pedal (Hall of Fame).

      In addition, i would also like to be able to plug in my Porchboard Micro (a peizo type bass stompbox), but not have this run through the reverb.


      I need to run all of these things into a single channel on my amp (PJB Briefcase) and be able to control the volume balance between the mic and and the poarchboard.

      Is it possible to do this using the Mixinglink, if so, how would i connect it up and on what settings?

      Having looked at the manual, i am thinking i could use the Aux socket’s FX loop function to put the reverb pedal in and use the FX return on the other side as an aux input for the porchboard.

      Would this work?


      Thanks very much.  




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