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      I'm really intrigued by the possibility of consolidating on a ModFactor
      and a TimeFactor. Between them they cover just about everything I need
      at a good price and a nice, tiny form factor. I've got a question about
      the ModFactor though: is it true stereo? Can I have one algorithm
      applied to *just* the left input -> left output and another
      algorithm applied to *just* the right input -> right output?

      I ask because when it comes to modulation effects I like to run some
      things in front of my amp (auto-wah, phaser for example) and some
      things in the loop (chorus, tremolo [although even this I'd like to be
      able to move around per-patch]). If the ModFactor is true stereo I
      could use one input/output pair for the "in front of the amp" effects
      and one input/output pair for the "in the loop effects. And then just
      setup my patches accordingly.

      I was thinking: Guitar -> ModFactor right input -> ModFactor
      right output -> front of amp. And then: FX send -> ModFactor left
      input -> ModFactor left output -> FX return.

      Can you tell the ModFactor that even though you're using left and right inputs and outputs, not to run the effects in stereo?

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      Hi iaresee

      the way you want to use MF has really nothing to do with it being tru stereo. A stereo FX is something completely different from a dual mono configuration you are asking for. The other problem is that using the same unit on two different electical impedance circuits is definitely not adviced. A pre_amp position requires -10dB and an FX loop insertion a +4dB impedance. So the answer is no, you can't use MF in such way. Only the rack units can do this.


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