Is there a MIDI controller to control knobs on the H9?

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      Greetings all,

      I’m thinking about upgrading my individual Factor stompboxes into an H9.

      The biggest thing (possibly the ONLY thing) holding me back is that I prefer to turn real knobs and hit real footswitches. The fastest way to navigate the H9, from what I’ve seen, is to download the H9 Control app that goes with it. And the app looks very intuitive and like something I would enjoy using 99% of the time.

      Say that I pull up a preset view (like a hall reverb algorithm). It will bring up a screen which has all 10 of the knobs I can tweak, plus the three footswitches like active, hotswitch, and tap.

      Essentially, is there a controller of some kind that I can hook up to the H9 (or perhaps the app) that has numerous physical knobs and footswitches that are mapped to the corresponding virtual knobs and buttons? To put it plainly, if I turn the top left knob on the real controller, for instance, it will turn the virtual ‘mix’ knob on the app in real time. Or if I turn the bottom right knob on the real controller, the ‘contour’ knob on the app will respond. Kind of like an expression pedal, in a way.

      I know certain MIDI controllers can be hooked up to it, like Molten Voltage products. And it seems like a lot of these controllers have footswitches that can control parameters, so the technology seems like it’s possible, at least. But perhaps my the type of controller I’m talking about is more complex since it features multiple knobs plus the three footswitch controls for things like ‘active’ and ‘tap’ as mentioned above. I’m not sure.

      So if there is any controller I can buy that has this ability, I would love to hear about it. Furthermore, if there are no such controllers out there, I would like to know if this idea of mine is at least possible in theory. I may end up learning to construct my own if this is the case.

      Thanks for letting me know!

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      The EvenMidi is exactly what you want. I have one and it’s great.

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      Thank you both so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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      Hi there!
      I created a tutorial on how to control the H9 with a external midi controller (Arturia Beatstep) with the help of Ableton Live, H9_remote (a max4live device by Daniel Collins) and Control Surface Studio (for creating a custom remote script).
      With the tutorial we’ll SEE always the 10 knob values of the current preset in the pedal, and SEND RELATIVE midi info in order to have smoothy changes in that values. Also we will have the ability to fast change to the desired presets with only pressing pads, and automatically send again relative midi info to the new values. Here is the link:

      Eventide h9 advanced control with arturia beatstep

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      I use a Keith MacMillan SoftStep 2. It’s a programmable footswitch. No knobs. But I mapped the touch sensitive buttons to the H9 Control knobs. It works but doesn’t “pick up where the setting is at”; it initializes the knob value when focus is given to a different virtual knob. But it does lots of other cool stuff and I like working with it.

      I want to ask the guys that have that EvenMid device if that thing somehow reads the present value of the knob, so turns begin from the current state of the alogorithm?

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      It does not. You are looking for ‘relative’ midi changes.. which the H9 does not support as of yet.


      It would be REALLY AWESOME if they did though.

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      camn wrote:

      It does not. You are looking for ‘relative’ midi changes.. which the H9 does not support as of yet.


      It would be REALLY AWESOME if they did though.


      Thanks for responding!

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