Is there an easy way to replace presets?

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      i got my H9 primarily for the reverbs – the OCD in me made me get the Max so I’d have it all… 

      But with that in mind, is there an easy way to just dump all the Space’s presets into the pedal or will I have to do it manually via phone/tablet/computer? Thanks!

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      Well, if you'd like we could post the Space factory preset list as an H9Z file and you could download that and send it over to your Max.  I suppose while we're at it we might as well do that for all four of the Factor pedals.

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      That would be fantastic! It’d make it so much easier for us Max owners to really try out all of the 4 main pedals in a more organic way, since the pedal can only store 99 presets at a time. 99 is a lot (more than necessary) for practical every-day use, but if you’re just learning the pedal and trying to find out everything it can do, it’s kind of a bummer to be missing some algorithm’s presets already loaded up.


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      That would be awesome.


      But I’m wondering if they will add the new presets available on the H9 and not in the Space. Like “90 GUNSHOT SNARE“, “18 MOUNTAINS” and “78 VAPOR TRAIL”…


      Quick question:

      Was the latter preset made by Andy Bell from Ride by any chance? I know he’s using a Space for the reunion tours and Vapour Trail is one of their “big” songs.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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